CheckMat BJJ

CheckMat Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

CheckMat BJJ $129 per month (Unlimited Classes)
($99 enrollment fee includes gi)
Drop-in Session CheckMat BJJ $20
Private Training Sessions
(call for rate and availability)


Ready to start your training at XMA? Here is what you’ll need to know!
First time members receive a complimentary free week to try our CheckMat Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program To begin your exciting training, please arrive early for class and check in at the front desk. It is recommended that you bring a water, towel, and wear comfortable clothing. Gloves are required if you are attending our CheckMat Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class. We have complimentary gloves available to new members. New gloves, hand wraps, kickboxing gear, and apparel are available for purchase at the front desk.

Private and Group Training Sessions
Need a special training session to work on technique or to progress faster?

  • Private and group training sessions available upon request.
  • Multiple sessions at a discounted rate.
  • Great for corporate team building, school events, and fund raisers!

Contact us at (408) 293-5326 or email us at for more info and instructor availability.

Hold & Cancellation Policy
Membership is not based on facility usage, so monthly membership dues will be withdrawn whether or not members use the facility. To cancel your membership, you need to fill out a cancellation form located at our Front Desk. XMA has a 30-day cancellation policy.