Childrens Martial Arts

  • Location Gym
  • Duration 45 Minutes

Karate Rangers (4-6 years old)

Children Martial Arts ( 7-12 years old)

Teen & Adult Martial Arts (13 years & up)

Our martial arts program offers the opportunity to learn mixed martial arts in a comfortable and safe atmosphere.Our curriculum combines the most practical techniques from  disciplines such as tae kwon do, muay thai kickboxing, and brazilian jiu jitsu. We teach and demonstrate the importance of respect, discipline , concentration and an overall healthy lifestyle, call us today to schedule a free introductory class and let us share our martial arts knowledge with you.

Xtreme Martial Arts and Fitness instructors have influence thousands of children in a positive way through out the bay area for over 20 years. Using their dynamic teaching methods with the right amount of fun and excitement in their martial arts classes. Our curriculum combines the most practical and effective self-defense techniques from a variaty of martial arts disciplines. Most important we emphasize character development in our programs which are designed to develop students physically and mentally to take on lifes challenges.
When showing up to your Childrens Martial Arts class please have the following items, your uniform, all training gear and water. All skill levels are welcome.